Duc of the Court of Francis I, 1530. Fashion of the Renaissance.

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Duc de la cour de François Ier, 1530

Cour de François Ier, 1530. Illustration de 1861 par Compte-Calix (1813-1880) Musée cosmopolite.

Duc of the Court of Francis I, 1530.

Francis I is regarded as the first French king of the Renaissance. During his reign there was a significant development of the arts in France. When he took office in 1515 he was regarded as a humanistically educated king.

Francis I commissioned numerous works and brought artists to France, including Andrea del Sarto and Leonardo da Vinci in 1516. Leonardo da Vinci remained in France until his death.

Source: Musée cosmopolite. (Musée de costumes) Suites de planches de costumes des différentes nations modernes. Dessin et coloriées par Compte-Calix (1813-1880), Pingret, Girardet; gravure de Henri de Montaut. Imprimeur, chez Maison Aubert et Cie. Paris 1850 à 1863.