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Fashion and Costumes in 1921, 20s. Art deco period clothing, flapper style

Bagdad. Taking Stores Aboard on the Tigris.

Guffa, round basket boat. Baghdad Arab porters costumes, Tigris, Euphrates. Photogravure.

A guffa, round basket boat, is discharged in Baghdad in the 1920s.

Bagdad. Taking Stores Aboard on the Tigris by Means of Guffas.

A Guffa was a traditional, usually plaited reeds, round basket boat, which was used on the Tigris and Euphrates in Iraq until the 1970s. The boat is unloaded by Arab porters.

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Mohamed Habib el-Bey from the Dynasty of Husseinite 1923.

Mohamed El Habib Pacha Bey. Tunesian ruler. Dynasty of Husseinites

Mohamed Habib el-Bey 1858 – 1929

Mohamed Habib el-Bey from the Dynasty of Husseinite. Tunesia.

Habib Bey, Frenchified name of Mohamed Habib el-Bey, born August 13, 1858 in Bardo and died February 11, 1929 in Carthage, was Bey (Governor) of Tunis from the Dynasty of Husseinites from 1922 until his death.

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No masks by Kiyotoki-Shimomura

No masks. Kiyotoki-Shimomura. Hōshō Kurō Tomoharu. Chujo. Masugami. Yase-onna. Kagekiyo. Okina. Kawazu.

No masks by Kiyotoki-Shimomura

No masks by Kiyotoki-Shimomura

By the death of Kiyotoki-Shimomura on May 29th, 1922, at the age of fifty-five, not only Nippon, but the world at large, lost a master carver of noh masks, a branch of art peculiarly Japanese in spirit. On account of the important position held by his family for generations in noh drama he was given rare opportunities of studying at close hand famous masks by old masters which were very rarely permitted to be seen except when they were worn on the noh stage. Not only that, but he had had a severe yet kind criticism on his work by Hōshō Kurō Tomoharu (Japanese Noh actor. 宝生 九郎 知栄; Fukagawa-san, 1837-1917), a great authority on the Noh, which spurred him on until at last he grasped the spirit of this unique art, and was able to produce masks that could favourably be compared with those of ancient masters. Continue reading