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FRENCH FASHION HISTORY. Costume and fashion plates with descriptions between middle Ages, Directory, Regency, Empire and so called Flapper. Vintage Haute couture costumes.

Jean Paul Marat 1743-1793.

Jean Paul Marat. Portrait French Revolution History. Directoire costume

Jean Paul Marat 1743-1793. Radical journalist and politician during the French Revolution.

Jean Paul Marat 1743-1793. Portrait French Revolution History.

Jean Paul Marat was a physician, naturalist and author of scientific and political writings. During the French Revolution, he wrote the Ami du Peuple, Continue reading

Headdresses 15th century. The Reticulated Headdress.

Gothic Medieval costumes 15th century. Fashion Burgundy court dresses. Hennin. Headdresses

Plate XXII. Isabelle of Portugal 1428-1496 Queen of Castile and Philippe le Bon 1396-1467 Duke of Burgundy.

Headdresses 15th century. The Reticulated Headdress (Latin, Reticulum = a net).

At the hall door take off thy hood and gloves. Observe in Curtseie to take A rule of decent kind, Bend not thy body too far forth, Nor backe thy leg behind.

Curtesy came from Heaven when Gabriel greeted Our Lady. All virtues are included in it.

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Portrait of Grace Dalrymple Elliott (1754–1823).

Portrait Grace Dalrymple Elliott. French Revolution History. Directoire costume. Mistress.

Grace Dalrymple Elliott (1754–1823). Mistress of the Duke of Orléans.

Grace Dalrymple Elliott (1754–1823). Mistress of the Duke of Orléans.

Lady Grace Dalrymple Elliott born around 1754-1823, was a Scottish courtesan who witnessed the events of the French Revolution in France. She was the mistress of the Prince of Wales and later British King George IV., and of Louis-Philippe II. Joseph de Bourbon, duc d’Orléans.

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French Revolution street scene 1792

Directoire. French Revolution History. 18th century costumes

French Revolution street scene 1792

French Revolution street scene 1792.

Parisian citizen costumes during the reign of terror.

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Parisian women in Versailles. French Revolution History.

Women's March at 5th October 1789. French Revolution History. 18th century costumes

Louis XVI. receives parisian women in Versailles. Women’s March at 5th October 1789

Parisian women in Versailles. French Revolution History.

Louis XVI receives parisian women in Versailles. Women’s March at 5th October 1789.

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Sedan surrender negotiations 1870

Surrender negotiations before sedan. Prussian military uniforms. French Army General uniform

Surrender negotiations before sedan

Surrender negotiations before sedan on the evening of September 1, 1870 by Anton Werner.

diorama at Berlin Sedan panorama.

The Capitulation of Sedan.

A depiction of the talks in the village of Donchery, Ardennes, France, on 2 September 1870, hours after the French Army of Châlons had run up a white flag over Sedan.
Members of the French delegation pictured on the left: Supreme Commander Emmanuel Félix de Wimpffen (just standing up), General Auguste-Alexandre Ducrot, and other officers.
Members of the delegation from the Prussian Coalition pictured on the right: Supreme Commander Helmuth von Moltke the Elder (standing at the table), Otto von Bismarck (sitting to Moltke’s left), General Field Marshall Leonhard Graf von Blumenthal, General Field Marshall Alexander August Wilhelm von Pape, commanders of the 3rd- and the Maas-Army, and other officers.
Date after 2 September 1870.



Medieval shoe of King John II. of France.

Medieval Shoe of King John II. of France. 14th century pointed toe style shoe

Shoe of King John II. of France. 14th century.

Medieval shoe of King John II. of France (Jean le Bon). 14th century.

Chaussure avec patin du Roi Jean (1440). From Histoire des cordonniers : précédée de l’histoire de la chaussure depuis les temps les plus recules jusq’a nos jours. Paris : Sere, 1852. Author: P. L.  Jacob, (1806-1884).

(In the original source the year is 1440. We suspect a problem because at this time the shoe fashion was much shorter. In addition, there was no king in 1440 with the name Jean in France.)