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The execution of the English politician Lord William Russell 1683.

Lord William Russell, Gerard Soest,

Among the leaders of that party which for a time successfully opposed the attempts of Charles II. and the Duke of York to re-establish arbitrary rule, and to favor the restoration of Romanism in England, one of the most prominent was Lord Russell, usually called Lord William Russell, son of William, Earl of Bedford, and Lady Ann Carr, daughter of Carr, Earl of Somerset.

Elégante en petite robe de Taffetas de Indes rayé, garnie en Pouf.

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Petite robe de taffetas des Indes rayé, garnie en pouf de gaze rayée; manches en pagodes, avec des bons-hommes j volant très haut, timbré en chef d’une garniture pareille à celle de la robe, et dominé par une autre bande mise en barrière.