Char-aina. Thick padded Coat with four body pieces of plate Armor.

Char-aina, India, Armory,  Mirror armour, cuirass
India. Char-aina, Mirror armour of H.H. The Nawab of Tonk, Rajputana

India. Cuirass Char-aina.

Thick paddded Coat, with four body pieces of plate Armor (termed Char-aina, persian چهاﺮآﻳنه, or the four mirrors). The coat is studded with gilt pins and bosses; Helmet, steel inlaid with gold; Coif, fine chain steel, with pattern in dark links.

The Char-aina was spread all over India and Persia and was usually worn with accompanying bracers (Bazu band), as well as leg splints, chain mail and a helmet (Kulah Khud).

Armory of H.H. The Nawab of Tonk, Rajputana (Muhammad Ibrahim Ali Khan 1848-1930), Central India. From a Photograph and drawings by Piari Lal.

Source: Memorials of the Jaipur Exhibition 1883 by Thomas Holbein Hendley. London 1883.


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