Switzerland costumes of XVII – XIX century originals.

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Swiss girls. (Postcard about 1930s)

Switzerland costumes of XVII – XIX century originals.

Gallery summary of  Switzerland costumes.

Original recordings from the Swiss costume festival, Zurich 14 March 1896.

The following is a summary of the above listed costumes as single post:

Additional galleries of Switzerland costumes:


Couple in the costumes from Canton of Zurich.
Couple from Canton Zurich. Traditional Switzerland national costumes 1865. Gallery: Costumes Suis... Read more
1865 • 19th Century • Switzerland • Traditional
Canton of Zurich • Traditional Switzerland costumes
Peasant of Torres Vedras Portugal in 1808
PEASANT OF TORRES VEDRAS. THE Peasants of this district are of a stout and hardy constitution... Read more
1808 • 19th Century • Hat • Portugal • Traditional
Portuguese costumes • The War in the Peninsula
Torero. Corridas de Toros en España.
Corrida de toros. Torero lancero costume. Source: Costumes historiques de ville ou de théatr... Read more
19th Century • Spain • Traditional
Costumes historiques de ville ou de théatre • Traditional Spain costumes
Servant Girls of Salamanca Spain 1809
SERVANT GIRLS OF SALAMANCA. THE taste for gaudy colours, among women of the lower class, is les... Read more
1809 • 19th Century • Spain • Traditional
The War in the Peninsula • Traditional Spain costumes
Traditional Armenian costumes 1850s.
Traditional Armenian costumes 1850s. Gallery: Les nations. Album des Costumes De Tous les Pays. ... Read more
1850 • 19th Century • Armenia • Asia • Traditional
Traditional Armenia costumes
A Berber Playing the Kissar
A Berber Playing the Kissar A Berber Playing the Kissar to Women of the Same Tribe. Egyptian Cost... Read more
1845 • 19th Century • Egypt • Middle East • Traditional
Traditional Arabian costumes
Sumatra Pencak costume. Popular dance and martial arts.
Sumatra Pencak costume. Pencak Silat is a martial art from Southeast Asia with its center in Indo... Read more
19th Century • Asia • Traditional
Indonesian costume
SHARITARISH a Pawnee Chief.
SHARITARISH a Pawnee Chief. American native. THE Pawnee nation is divided into several parts, the... Read more
1830 • 19th Century • Native American • North America • The Indian Tribes • Traditional
Native american dress